What is a short sale? 

The word short in the term short sale is not regarding the time period that it takes to sell a property  but rather regarding the amount the property can sell for. Certain homeowners who have a valid hardship, maybe be able to qualify to sell their property for less then their loan amount. The process of selling their home at a lower price is called a short sale.


In order for the short sale to be successful their are few things that need to come into alignment.


#1 The home owner will have to select a real estate agent that is familiar with the short sale process and that has experience in helping other home owners to short sale their homes.


#2 There has to be a valid hardship


#3 There has to be a willing and able buyer, who understand the short sale process and is willing to wait for the sellers’ lender to approve the sale.


#4 The lender has to approve the sale of the property



To learn more about the short sale process please follow my blogg about each step of the process. 


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